The Decreasing Importance Of Cult Religions in America

Coming on “Easter Sunday” a poll shows less and less Americans even bother to appear to be church folks.

I grew up the son of a Southern Baptist minister.
Old school.

I personally got to see how “holy” lots of people were in church, but living in a rural area with a couple of small towns making the community, I got to see how they really conducted their lives.
Their lives did not live up to their “holy” show they put on in public.

My father and I talked on many deep subjects and a couple of things he told me stuck with me.
Although he was offered the 2nd largest Baptist church in Houston Texas in the 1960s, he stuck to the raul ranch/farm communities in small churches which did not pay well.

He told me in the large churches, it became a social function where the members lost their desire to become better people.

He also told me without naming names as he said I would recognize some of the names, a lot of the “holy” “good christian” pillars of the church and community tried to get him to have sex with them.
He said some figured it would be a safe fling as a pastor could not talk about the affair, and some wanted to have sex with the preacher so they could use blackmail to run the church.

My father was one of the ministers who lived what he preached.
I have seen him do repairs on wells, fences and homes of old widow women.
He never cheated on my mother.
I heard him get mad and cuss once in my life, after which he was ashamed of himself.

I do not know how much he knew about reincarnation because by the time I had figured out a bunch of things and would have asked him questions, he was already dead.
I do know once when I was pointing out the holes in biblical theology and the places the bible contradicted itself, he made the remark even if it were not true, it laid out a good way to live.

You must remember he did not have affairs, drink, gamble, cuss or try to get rich.
He tried to help folks and raise his kids to have morals.

The Roman bible was cobbled together by little boy raping priest who rewrote much of what they used and threw out other early religious or “christian” writings.
But there are along with the bull shit and indoctrinations, much truth in the bible.

The Bible is like the USA constitution.
If one goes to either looking for reasons to live a good life, leave others alone, stay out of useless wars, they will find it.
If one goes to either looking for reasons to rape, rob and murder, they will find it.

One finds what is in one’s soul.

One has said it thus, paraphrazed:
A good man will do good, a bad man will do bad but for a good man to do bad, now that takes religion!

Religion has been the cause of most wars, most mass murders by states/countries.
Religion is used by ‘governments” to herd the sheep into tax slavery, wars and through the slaughterhouse doors.

Todays priest and preachers, the intelligent educated ones at least, know they are preaching lies.
Most all your upper level Protestant ministers are Masons or approved by Masons to paster the larger churches.
Masons teach reincarnation and a path for bettering one’s soul life after life.

The Catholics have the Knights of Columbus which serves the same purpose.

Religions are a scam, cults.

Not talking about spirituality and an individual walk with the Creator God.
Talking about religion.
The two are not the same thing.

During the Scamdemic, many preachers and priest told their flocks “God” wanted them to take the killer jabs.
Men who preach “faith in God”, told their flocks to abandon the belief that God has a plan, God will protect one and if it is God’s decision it is time for your body to die, then that is God’s will to be accepted.

Many shut their churches down, or limited the number of people who could attend. made them sit six feet or more apart and wear useless as teats on a boar hog dust mask to be allowed into the church.

The First Baptist Church in the city I live in has a pastor in a church filled with Masons who practice reincarnation who shut his church down, then made people sit far apart and wear stupid useless mask which harmed one’s own health.
I go to funerals there once in a while or Christmas concerts and have watched the church struggle to build back up it’s active membership.

The Scamdemic was a huge mistake by the “elites”.
Sheep who considered truthers “conspiracy nut cases” who have been made sick, have watched jabbed friends get heart attacks, strokes, cancers, die “suddenly” are saying to themselves, Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!.

They lie to me about this, what else have they been lying about???
Maybe them “conspiracy nut cases” are not that stupid after all.

The cross and the four stations of the cross was taken from “pagan spirituality where the cross represented God, which was often represented by the sun.
The four stations are the four seasons.

Pagans had a spring festival which celebrated new life, a summer festival which celebrated life, the growing season, a fall festival where God was thanked for the harvest and for the life they had been given, and the food stored up which would see them through the colsd dark winter months, and for the old, the last years, weeks and days of that life.

Modern religion simply took the spring festival and moved it slightly, called it easter.
I am a live and let live kind of guy myself as long as you leave me and mine alone in return.

If you want to go to a church where a preacher/ priest who believes in reincarnation tells you you must do exactly as he tells you or spend eternity burning in hell, to celebrate “easter”, have at it.

My self I and my God commune each and every day.
I thank God for God’s blessings, understanding and protection each and every day.

Each person who walks with God, does so individually the the beat of their own drum.
personally I will not be going to some church tomorrow.

I saw enough hypocrites to last me a lifetime growing up in church.

The Ole Dog!

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