Well S#it!!!

When I was young I shoveled shit out of the cow pins and shit out of the chicken house.
When I was in the military the chow hall had a “delicacy” called shit on a shingle.
In my first marriage there was always shit going on so I divorced that shit.

Got a good women, retired from the military, had my own business for a while, retired to mini farming and dealing with grandkids.
Figured now I could live in a world without shit.

But Washington DC is full of shit.
Washington DC politicians are full of shit.
The Democrats are full of shit.
The Republicans are full of shit.
Trump is full of shit.
Biden is full of shit.
Cancun Cruz is full of shit.
Guvnor A-BUTT is full of shit.
Both the Demophiles & Republiphiles from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado are full of shit.
Newspapers and social platforms are full of shit
The CDC is full of shit.
The UN is full of shit.
The ICC is full of shit.
The Pentagon is full of shit.
The MSM is full of shit.
The FDA is full of shit.
The voters are full of shit.
The Islamics are full of shit.
The Jews are full of shit.
The evangelical “christians are full of shit.
The little boy raping Roman church is full of shit.

Well Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am being good God! Really!
I only give shit to ass holes who deserve to have shit thrown into their faces!
When I have screwed up I stand up and swallow that shit right down without blaming some ‘devil”.

I believe I have learned my shit here so how about graduating me out of this shit hole with these bleating sheep full of shit??

The Ole Dog!

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