A Dying Empire “Led” By Political Whores

There are three types of ass holes I despise cowards, treasonous f##ks and hypocrites.
Cancun Cruz is all three.

I saw a post on Twitter Litter by Cancun Cruz whining because folks are showing up at his big ole house to protest him helping the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel

Babylonian Talmud Pedophile’s

The Babylonian Talmud, the basis of modern Judaism teaches it is not a sin to rape little boys until they are 9 years old, or to rape little girls until they are 3 years & 1 day old.

End of Times Death Cult members stealing Palestine from the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians while trying to Holocaust the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians out of existence with bombs Cancun Cruz keeps sending to occupied Palestine to Holocaust the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians with.

A bit off the subject but another problem in DC.

Mossad Jeffery

ran a child rape blackmail honey trap for Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally criminally militarily occupied Palestine in which he provided children to rape to US politicians which are then blackmailed by the video tapes of them raping children to commite treason

against America/Americans.

Now back to Cancun Cruz

who seems to be motivated by some unseen force to commit treason against America/Americans to benefit Israel every day of his life.

I find my cousin General George S Patton and I tend to agree on most all major points such as on politicians.

Personally I did not give a flying f##k about the egg sucking lying prostituting himself politician Cancun Cruz one way or the other until a few years back even down in South Texas we had four days of yankee butt freezing weather when the temperature did not get above freezing day and night for four days.

In the middle of all this because the Republic of Texas has been illegally occupied by yankeeland for 158 years, the US’s sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ the occupation administrative arm of the illegal occupation

is filled with political whores sucking on the public teat while committing treason and crimes against Texicans

is filled with treasonous ball-less bastards and scalawags betraying Texicans because they are being blackmailed or just selling their asses and Texicans future out for personal gain, good coal fired electrical generation plants had been shut down so their bribers/butties could make killings off of Texicans by building “green energy” scams which do not generate electricity part of the time

especially on cold, cloudy, freezing days when they are covered with snow.

Adding to the epic failure of Texicans electrical grid was the fact corporations were sucking profits out to make rich ass holes richer without putting part of the profits back into keeping the grid modernized and ready for some disaster like happened.

While children and old folks froze to death all over Texas with their electricity out for days, Cancun Cruz, his wife and children snuck over the border into Cancun where it was warm and sunny.

When he was busted by a Texican who saw his cowardly no honor ball-less hypocritical ass sneaking over the border when anyone who claimed to be a leader

should have had their asses out in the trenches with the troops for moral purposes if nothing else, he started trying to lie his way out of his cowardliness and apparent self entitled ME FIRST!!! betrayal of all Texicans.

which were proved to be bullshit and lies when someone got a bunch of his wife’s text where she was inviting all their friend to join them in Cancun because they had grown tired of being “chilly” in their big ole mansion in Houston.

I assume this is the same house he is now complaining about people coming to to protest his assistance in slaughtering tens of thousands of little children in occupied Palestine.

I suppose if one is a cowardly ball-less treasonous hypocritical low life scum sucking blackmailed/bribed political whore with no honor like Cancun Cruz, one can not help being such a low life gentuza, but after getting caught with your pants down like Cancun Cruz did while a little boy froze to death in his bed just down the road from San Antonio, any ass hole who deserted his post during an emergency who had a smidgen of honor would have eaten their pistol, or in the very least resigned their office and moved far away to another place, say like Cancun, so they would not have to be shamed by millions of people knowing what a dishonorable lying treasonous coward they are.

But not Cancun Cruz!

He just ran his enormous pie hole louder and longer thinking all his bullshit he was caterwauling made him look like a “leader”.
Cancun Cruz so wants to be El Presidente of Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

And he does fit right in with the treasonous cowardly bastards and bitches in DC.

Cancun has been screaming for American children to die fighting wars for Israel in Iran, Ukraine, China.
I offered to teach him how to use an M-16 and even give him an extra M-16 bayonet I have laying around so he could personally lead the charge seeing as how he is so rabidly insistent these war haoppen, but I never heard back from him.

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “A Dying Empire “Led” By Political Whores

  1. The problem with America is the total lack of Virtue. Socrates and Plato talked about virtue a lot. The Greek is actually Arete. Lycurgus commanded Arete for all citizens of Sparta; that is why that republic was so successful and never fell into the anakyklosis! It is also commanded for all Christians in II Peter 1:5 “Supplement The Faith with Arete”. Arete is a moral code wrapped up in character training; that training must begin in childhood. The four main virtues are Manliness, Righteousness, Sophrosyne and Phronesis. One has to be trained into them! Anyway, the Arete of Righteousness:

    “To righteousness it belongs to be ready to distribute according to desert, and to preserve ancestral customs and institutions and the established laws, and to tell the truth when interest is at stake, and to keep agreements. First among the claims of righteousness are our duties to the gods, then our duties to the spirits, then those to patrida [fatherland] and parents, then those to the departed; and among these claims is piety, which is either a part of righteousness or a concomitant of it. Righteousness is also accompanied by holiness and truth and loyalty and hatred of wickedness. ”

    V. 2-3 Loeb Classical Library. Aristotle, Virtues and Vices. Vol. 285. pg 495.

    Wouldn’t America be better if our citizens were all trained into Arete? Christianity adopted, took over this Pagan teaching. (Sadly, no one in Christianity pays attention either!) I have been trained in Arete since I was a Boy Scout. The Boy Scout Oath is the Virtue of Righteousness and Arete! The Boy Scout Oath is my first and ONLY Oath–“Duty to MY Fatherland”.

    It is not about “system” or laws. The Roman poet Horace said, “Law is useless without virtue”. No virtue, no rule of law! Arete comes first. We all need to concentrate on obtaining Arete.

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