Two Places I Dare Not Go

If I was to go to either place I would probably be arrested for indecent exposure.
Unless you want t stand on top and piss your pants it is impossible to piss on things without pulling your penis out.

Both commie bastards sent men to die where they themselves would not go, and both betrayed the American Revolutionaries by forcing Red Russian Rothschild’s communism on America.

There Are more personal reasons I would piss on their memories, but being treasonous cowardly bastards is enough reason.

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “Two Places I Dare Not Go

  1. Yes, I totally agree with you again. Sad to say. But that is the story of the USA–it is a Masonic construct. Eisenhower is just following in the footsteps of the Mason George Washington who ordered that blacks be accepted into the ranks–they didn’t have to be put in separate units!

    Wikiquote of George Washington:

    [A]bolish the name and appearance of a Black Corps.
    Recommendations to reorganize two Rhode Island regiments into integrated rather than segregated groups, in a letter to Major General William Heath (29 July 1780), in The Writings of George Washington, 19:93. According to historian Robert A. Selig, the Continental Army exhibited a degree of integration not reached by the American army again for 200 years (until after World War II).

    He was a Mason and all the generals under him were Masons. Freemasonry teaches the SAME thing as Communism–the race-mixing agenda. I sent you the paper that puts them together. Half of the FFofA were Masons. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, mostly being atheists, were not Masons–but attended their meetings and TP wrote a favorable pamphlet on them!

    Handout The Revolutionary character of GW 3rd Rev

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