I ask With Heavy Heart, God Receive Aaron Bushnell Into Your Loving Embrace

Aaron Bushnell was an active duty US Air force member.
If he had died in battle killing innocent people in foreign lands which have never attacked America, his family would have been given a Purple Heart medal, a state paid funeral and a lot of people who had never met him posting how brave he was on the net.

What he did took more guts and bravery than dying in battle.
I can not approve of what he did, nor judge him for what he did.

He lit himself on fire in front of the Israel embassy in Washington screaming :”Free Palestine” as long as he could, before the screams became pure animal pain.

His death hopefully has made some Americans, especially “evangelical” zionist “christians” question their very open sexual orgasms at the sight of little Palestinian children being slaughtered by the tens of thousands.

The thought of his last couple of minuets of life leave me with a heavy heart tonight.

All you “patriots” and “christians” who support the slaughter of the Palestinian people,

this man has a better change of getting into that “heaven” you moan about on Sundays as you drop a twenty or hundred in the plate to buy your way to heaven even in the face of your weekly sins than you do.

At this point, not speaking out against the evil of the Jew Cult in Palestine is supporting the slaughter of innocent children.

Tonight I think Jesus is more in support and approval of Aaron Bushnell than the hundreds of thousands of evil hypocrites who go to church on Sunday and scream for the blood of innocent semitic Palestinian children who are descended from the Biblical Judians.

Remember Aaron when you talk to God tonight.
He saw an evil and did what he thought was right to try to stop the evil.

The Ole Dog!

One thought on “I ask With Heavy Heart, God Receive Aaron Bushnell Into Your Loving Embrace

  1. I totally agree. We need to remember Aaron Bushnell! He is a Hero beyond compare. (I’m a Marine Corps vet of the Cold War, Desert Shield and a trad Roman Catholic).

    The Friday before Aaron’s sacrifice, disgusted with the conduct of the Jewish war against Gaza, I drove an hour and half to go to my federal representative’s office to express my anger at the crimes being conducted by the Jews. I especially went for that Palestinian girl that called asking for help when an IDF tank shot up the car she was in killing her parents and relatives. Then, when Palestinian emergency services got permission to get the girl from the situation, they sent out an ambulance. When they got to the scene, the two emergency workers got out—-and were mowed down by the Jews. Then, these Jews killed the girl.

    These people are animals–blowing up schools, destroying hospitals. They blew up the university and shot up and bombed both the Catholic and Orthodox churches in Gaza. I’m disgusted to no end.

    And since my rep is one of these “Christian Zionists”, Bill Huizeinga, his staff couldn’t ask me to leave quicker. I’m so disgusted.

    I did my part. I tried. I have been constantly emailing my senators and representatives.

    Yes, we need to remember Aaron Bushnell. —Silver Star. He has done MORE than any of us did. That enlisted man showed up our general class. Aaron Bushnell is a HERO! (Along with Gonzalo Lira who was killed thru medical neglect by our own government.)

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