I am Tired of US Loving & US Flag Saluting “Confederates”

I have often admitted I can trace my lives.
I was a Confederate officer, damn proud I stood against the yankee marxist evil with no damn apologies!
I am an unreconstructed, unrepentant Rebel!
I NEVER took that oath at the end of that illegal yankee war.

I loved Robert E Lee as a father figure.

Did not get on well with Jefferson Davis as he put too much starch in his underwear for my liking.

And I promised that closet homosexual communist rabidly racist against African Americans lying political whore Lincoln

when it was over I was going to hang his ass on the front steps of that big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.
And he believed me.

Probably why the cowardly yankees shot me through the back from hiding in ambush when there was no battle ongoing.

The South was fighting for the ideas of the American revolutionaries and the yankees were fighting to force Cromwellian puritan control freak communism on Americans.
Marxism if that makes you happy.

But I have a message for all those southern yankee loving confederates who love yankeeland and salute the flag which flew over the gang rapes of little southern children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, often til death.

Your Confederate ancestors would shot your asses if they were around today.
That’s what they did to God-less yankees and their cowardly scalawag bitches!

The Ole Dog!

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