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Someone sent me a link to a very long article with much about the Roman bible, race, culture and such.

Above is a photo of a broken watch which will not run with no hour hand and a ball point pen.
This hangs in the midst of swords, battle axes from ancient cultures up till the M-16 bayonet I carried in the military this life.

Most folks around the world have a concept of reincarnation.
The Roman slave religions one life, then up or down for eternity (depending if you did exactly as told to do or not by people who burned wise men burned at the stake for saying the earth was not flat), is a relatively new fairytale constructed to better herd the sheep through the slaughterhouse doors of taxation, wars and slavehood to the empire, state, government currently in power.

There are a handful of we old souls who can track our different lives on this rock through history.
On that wall are the implements of war I have used as a Greek, a Roman, a Viking, a Norman, medieval Europe/English Isles, American Revolution, the late war of Southern defence against illegal yankee terrorist invasion, WW1, WW2 and my M-16 bayonet.
This is not all inclusive of my lives, but a sampling of them.

The watch hangs there to remind me there is really no time as the universe has an eternity ahead and time as understood by humans on this rock does not apply on the other side of the vail.

The pen reminds me, encourages me to find a way around war using words if possible.

All the symbols and number which certain people attribute to this or that group, good or evil are ancient symbols not much understood by the average sheeple.
The same numbers and symbols hold different meanings to different groups and cultures including many beings or groups which consider themselves “enlightened”.

Take the Roman bible.
There is ample proof it was cobbled together by little boy raping Roman priest who threw out any writings which contradicted the illusion they were attempting to form as a religion to herd the sheep, and rewrote much of what they did use to suit their needs.

They then went out and slaughtered the hell out of all the what you would call Christian groups which taught reincarnation or some version of the religion which was different from theirs.

But if a good person with a good soul goes to the Roman bible looking for reasons to do good, help the orphan, widow, live a good life improving their soul, looking for reasons to help their fellow man, they will find it.

If an evil ass hole goes to the Roman bible looking for reasons to rape, rob, murder, start wars, steal rape the orphan and steal the widows home with Usury or taxes, they will find their “justification” to do so in the same bible which tells a good soul to do good and help others.

The US constitution is the same.
If a soul looking to the Source as the giver of all that is seeking freedom, individual responsibility leading to spiritual growth goes to the constitution looking for a way to live peacefully with others without harming others, they will find the words to help them do so.

If an evil ass hole goes to the same constitution looking for reasons or “justification” to tax the shit out of folks, start wars, try to control all others do and make folks slaves to a “government”, they will find the words they need to “justify” such evil and action, at least in their own minds.

Some when they see depictions of beings with one eye gone or covered scream it is a sign of evil beings trying to control the world.
Well, that is what it means to the evil ones.

To the one wanting to get on the path to God, Universe, nature, the Source, whichever name one wants to use, it has a different meaning.
Odin gave up one eye for knowledge.
Knowledge with submission to God and seeking the LIGHT of the Source leads to understanding and wisdom.

One has to give up the illusion of the false reality of this world most sheep “see” or believe in order to see beyond the vail which blocks the view of advanced spiritual understanding and growth.

Knowledge without understanding is worthless and only sends the holder of knowledge without understanding down paths which lead to self destruction and the damnation of separation from spiritual growth.

All cultures history although much adulterated have a common thread.
Atlas stole fire (knowledge) from the gods, gave it to humans and was punished.
Lucifer gave knowledge from the gods to humans and was punished.
Odin stole the Golden Mead of poetry (knowledge) from the gods, gave it to humans and was punished.

All cultures world wide speak of a great flood.

In both the Roman bible and Viking teachings the same story is told of the end of an evil world and the beginnings of a new, good world.

In both the Roman bible and Viking teachings are a great flood which destroys most all of human kind leaving a handful to repopulate the world.

In both the rooster crows three times.

In both there is a last great battle between good and evil after which the new good world raises from the ashes of the old evil world.

Back to the one eye.
Once one has paid the price, and there is a very great and heavy price for knowledge leading to understanding leading to wisdom, one becomes a stranger in a strange world.
One walks among beings, souls which have not paid the price, many of which do not even want real true knowledge much less understanding one must humble self to receive which leads to wisdom which becomes a heavy load to bear in this world of false realities and self imposed ignorance.

For the ignorant sheep who piss away life after life refusing to learn or grow spiritually, Universe has all the time of eternity to send the soul back again and again to wallow in pain, stupidity, evil, ignorance until the soul is tired enough of endless lives filled with shit to get with the program.

These souls can be sent back to a shit world indefinitely until they get with the program.

Those who embrace understanding leading to wisdom have to pay their dues on this plain also, but when they have advanced enough will be sent to a new world which is another step in that path to full understanding and wisdom to be able to stand in the brilliant Light.

One gets out of one’s life, what one puts in.
If one puts shit into their life, they will get shit out.
If one pays the price to gain understanding leading to wisdom, understanding and wisdom will multiply.

This journey has always been an individual one.
Souls will interact with each other in life, but the spiritual growth one gains from each life has to be paid for with individual pain, heartache, disappointments, effort, and energy.

Your world is what you make it individually and what you see in symbols, numbers and such things reflects what is in your own soul.

Evil ones are to be pitied, believing themselves enlightened they craft a personal hell which they can not escape.

This does not mean you don’t hang their asses so they shit their pants as their necks snap as a warning to other evil f##ks who would take that path, but you pity them as you release the trap door.

When the pen does not work, when words can not dissuade evil f##ks from doing evil to others, one must at times pick up the sword!

The Ole Dog!

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