Brazilian President Lula compares Israel’s Holocaust in Occupied Palestine to the Questionable German Holocaust of Jews But No Mention of 66 Million Humans Holocausted By Jews in USSR

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has compared Israel’s Holocaust of Semitic Indigenous Palestinians in illegally criminally militarily occupied Palestine to Nazi Germany’s alleged Holocaust of Jews in the 1940s. First, I don’t like Hitler or National Socialism. Hitler like the closet homosexual Marxist Rabidly Racist against African Americans yankee puritan Lincoln was a […]

Time & Reality

Someone sent me a link to a very long article with much about the Roman bible, race, culture and such. Above is a photo of a broken watch which will not run with no hour hand and a ball point pen. This hangs in the midst of swords, battle axes from ancient cultures up till […]