Every Politician, Priest, Minister, School, Administrator, Hospital Administrator, Media Talking Head, Social Platform Operator Pimping For/Mandating Killer Jabs Violated 1947 Nuremberg Code & Should Be Hanged

There is ample proof there never was a new “virus” labeled “SARS-COV-02”.
There is proof the Non Vaccine Killer Jabs is a human herd culling tool.
There are article after article with the proof laid out millions are dead/dying/disabled from the killer jabs.

The forcing of the Killer Jabs on humans is a direct violation of the 1947 Nuremberg Code against experimenting on Humans except in a very narrow way, the terms of which the Killer Jabbers violated every single aspect of.

Time to convene Nuremberg common Law Tribunals, give Killer Jabbers/Killer Jabber cheerleaders fair trials and fair hangings.

Wait the timid say, some people did it because they really believed the Sacmdemic was a pandemic and it was necessary.

If one believes in communism and the group has a right to violate God Given Individual Rights of self determination, they need to be hanged for the good of humanity as a whole.

If they were so stupid they could not understand the scam and see the truth as folks who refused the jab and they demanded the unjabbed be kidnapped, thrown into concentration camps plus worse things, they sure as hell don’t need to be passing on their genes.
There are enough dumb as shit sheep in the world already!

Hang their asses for supporting crimes against humanity while stupid as shit!

The Ole Dog!

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