Every Political/”government” minion Forcing Fluoride On Americans Via Drinking Water are Violating the 1947 Nuremberg Code & Should Be Hanged

The minions who take orders from the elites to make war on Americans from DC have ALWAYS known Sodium fluoride added to drinking water does not fight cavities,

causes harm to humans, birth defects,

And most likely is the reason for mongoloid children.

I have a book last published in 1977 which laid all this out with proof.

The politicians want Americans dumbed down so they will continue to believe the vultures which gravitate to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac really care about Americans and are trying to help Americans rather than the reality they are selling Americans asses to the highest bidder.

Below is a link to an article with a good video about the lawsuit against fluoride which the government has delayed from going to conclusion for years.

The Ole Dog!

Michael Connett Interview – Leading The Charge In The Fight Against Water Fluoridation

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