Senate Passes $95.3B Aid Package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan With Nothing for U.S. Border Security

The Senate worked through the dead of night on Monday to pass a $95 billion aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan with nothing for securing the US border.

The previous version of the bill went down in flames due to the border provisions enacting de facto open borders. Rather than grant the American people any concessions, the Senate decided to rework the bill to give us absolutely nothing as a giant “F you.”

“22 Republicans voted with nearly all Democrats to pass the package 70-29,” the AP reports:
Two Democrats, Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Peter Welch of Vermont, as well as Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent, voted against it. The progressive lawmakers have objected to sending offensive weaponry to Israel.

“I cannot in good conscience support sending billions of additional taxpayer dollars for Prime Minister Netanyahu’s military campaign in Gaza,” Welch said. “It’s a campaign that has killed and wounded a shocking number of civilians. It’s created a massive humanitarian crisis.”


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