US Militaries Mission, Send American Kids to Die For Israel

Secret Drone Ops Run From US Base In Jordan Where 3 Soldiers Killed, more than 40 Wounded.

The US base in Jordan where troopers were killed and a bunch wounded in a recent attack runs drones which identifies freedom fighter’s against zionist war crimes against their people who are then targeted for murder by US for Israel according to a service member who was recently stationed there.

β€œTo call Tower 22 a logistics support base is complete bullshit. The main purpose of Tower 22 is to operate drones to spy on insurgents in Iraq and Syria, for targeting purposes. The main objective I witnessed was taking out targets.”

When the attack happened the US’s Rothschild’s minions who run US/DC

for the benefit of Israel

lied their asses off trying to fool the American sheeple the base was only an insignificant “logistics support base.”

Well, it is a support base, it supports terrorism against the Syrian and Iraqi people for the benefit of Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in illegally, criminally and militarily occupied Palestine.

The lying soul-less demonically possessed war criminals from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac further lied.

CENTCOM lied saying the base is used to give “support to the coalition for the lasting defeat of ISIS.”

The claimed ISIS mission is used for “legal” justification for the continued US military illegal occupation of Syria, which relies on an interpretation of Congress’s 2001 authorization to use military force (AUMF) against terrorists

and others who facilitated the 9/11 attacks.

DC politicians,

which includes US generals in uniform who suck Nitwityahoo’s dick are treasonous bastards and bitches who send American kids to die for Rothschild’s IsraHELL while doing Internatinal War Crimes.

Then lie about everything.

The Ole Dog!

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