Linkedin Announces They Support Raping And Holocausting Children & The Truth Is Against Their “community standards”

Linkedin has locked my account for telling the truth and warning people of evil being done against humanity.

The headline of the article which made Linkedin empty the contents of their colons into their fruit of the looms was this:

‘The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews’

Now as I figure Linkedin knows kissing rabid skunks is not a real smart idea, and skunks don’t have Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Blackmail videos to threaten operators of “social network platforms” with although they did not break down what made them get their panties bunched, it was not the warnings of the perils of kissing rabid skunks.

Perhaps it was the reference to the perils of trusting Jews?

Perhaps what made Linkedin poop their unmentionables were the wise words of Napoleon.

The article of truth in question which caused Linkedin’s bowels to loosen uncontrollably was this.

The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews

Which caused Linkedin to lock my account and post this.

Perhaps it was posting this meme which exposes the Jew Cults approval and fondness for raping and murdering babies?

Every synagogue has a copy of the Babylonian Talmud.
It is the “law” a jew cult member is supposed to live by.

Christians have a false idea the Old Testament is law to the Jew cult.
It is not.
The rabbis say Jews don’t have to pay any attention to their “god” as their “god” gave Moses the law, now the rabbis are in charge, not their “god”.

The Babylonian Talmud specifically says raping little boys until they are nine years old is not a sin, and raping little girls until they are three years and one day old is not a sin.

So if it was exposing Jew Cult members raping children which caused Linkedin to lock my account, this would mean Linkedin wants the Jew cults approval of and habit of raping little children to remain a secret.

Linkedin said I violated their Community standards against “Hate Speech”, but everything I said was true, so it appears the truth is hate speech to Linkedin.

“Actions you can take
If you’d like a second chance, you can ask for one after 48 hours by agreeing to comply with our Professional Community Policies. However, continued violation of our policies may result in the permanent restriction of your account. Learn more here.”

As it appears to meet Linkedin’s “community standards”guidelines, to unlock my account I must agree to stop telling the truth and warning humanity of an evil running wild in the world today.

It is an evil Jesus the Christ was fighting in the Jew Cult before they helped the Romans murder him for telling the truth.

“Additionally, if you believe your post complies with our Professional Community Policies, you can appeal our decision.”

No, it appears my post did violate Linkedin’s “Community Standards” of supporting pedophiles, enabling the rape and murder of children, and not telling the truth.

“you can appeal our decision.”

Be a cold day in hell when I stop speaking out against pedophile mass murdering political whores

controlled through bribes, blackmail or because they are a member of the Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult and start telling lies just so I can post on Linkedin.

The Ole Dog!

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