Why I Don’t Care Who “won” the 2020 “election” or Who “wins” the 2024 “election”

Rothschild’s arm is shoved so far up the ass of every hand puppet in every “government” in every country or nation that when you see a “head of State’s” tongue moving, that’s actually Ratschild’s middle finger flipping you off.



and his Crowmwellian “witch” burning,

little children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters gang raping, often til death terrorist killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861.

There has been no president of the United States of America republic since then.

One man tried to be a president of the American people and buck the Rothschild’s occupation.

Americans could “elect” a one eyed three legged flea ridden mangy street mutt with heart worms and chronic diarrhea and the same Anti-American bull shit would continue on without abatement.

It would be more productive pissing into the wind on a freezing day than voting.
Pissing into the wind would at least give one a nice warm feeling which would probably last longer than it will take the next “president to start breaking all their promises to the American people.

The Ole Dog!

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