‘UNITED STATES’ Is a Bad Joke & the World Is Laughing Their A$$es Off at America/Americans

Everyone loves a good joke, except maybe the one the joke is on.
A Bad Joke is somewhat different.

Sometimes my wife will tell me about some idiot doing something incredibly stupid which ends with tragedy and I will kind of laugh.
She gets pissed and says “that’s not funny”.

I reply sometime you either have to laugh or cry at a bad situation and I used up all my tears for these sheep long time ago.

This is my 4th life as an American and every life I have fought for this country.
I care deeply about America but I have mostly given up on the American sheeple.

Americans have never been one people united for one goal.

As opposed to the crap the sheep are fed at the US Corporation’s indoctrination centers called public schools.

During the American Revolution, at the best of times no more than 3 percent of the American population served in the Revolutionary army.

Most stayed home, hid under their beds and informed the British where the American forces were.
Of the ones who did enlist, thousands of them deserted when things got tough and winter came.

Of course one must understand the Continental Congress was much like congress today, selling out Americans to make themselves and their buddies rich by screwing the people.
The money which should have bought shoes so the troops were not marching barefoot in the snow, provided ammunition, food, warm cloths, shelter for the cold and wet, medicines went into the pockets of politicians.

Just like now.

There were a handful of Winter Soldiers, including two of my 3ed and two of my 4th great grandfathers who stuck with George through thick and thin.

Today the American sheeple who crow the most about the US being Billy Bad Ass, who wave the flag the most, who snap to attention at the flag, denigrate anyone who does not bend over and take it up the ass upon command from Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, ancestors were either not even in American when this went down, or were deserting when things got hard, or just stayed home, hid under their beds and informed on George and his Winter soldiers to the British.

The yankee killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861.
Lincoln was a closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against blacks marxist shyster rail road lawyer, but he really was only a symptom of the disease.

After damn near a million Americans were slaughtered to force communism on them they did not want

the yankees genocided the plains Indians and stole their lands just as they had stole the Southerners lands.

The whores of DC used false flags and lies to force Americans into one war after the other which should never have happened.

The yankees being corrupt evil fucks were easily bribed and blackmailed into turning over control of Washington DC to the Rothschilds in 1913.

Today America is an occupied land where Americans are used as tax slaves, cannon fodder in wars for IsraHell,

and their lambs used as sexual party favors by pedophiles.

The whole world knows Rothschild’s via Israhell did 9-11 assisted by blackmailed yankee hand puppets in Washington DC.

The whole world is laughing at you stupid as shit American sheep sending your lambs to die fighting wars for the ones who did 9-11 to you!

And voting for pedophiles who fuck your children up the ass while sucking Ratschild’s dick!

I try to stay as far from the American sheep as I can.
They disgust me.
Their constant bleating in ignorance and fear is rape of my ears.

There are a handful of old souls I have deep conversations with about America today and we usually get around to shaking our heads at and cussing the stupidity and evil of the American sheep.

The whole world is laughing at your stupidity, ignorance, lack of a set of balls and a brain.

I prefer not to think about the American sheep, but when I do I just laugh at you.
In a disgusted sad sort of way, but I laugh at your asses!

I cried all my tears for you in past lives, before you helped the evil fuckers fucking you up your sheep asses kill me for trying to save you from getting fucked up the ass!


Personally when I reincarnate next life, I am thinking South America somewhere.
We shall see?

The Ole Dog!

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