NYT’s Jeffrey Gettleman Says F##k OFF, He Don’t Have To Provide Proof He Was Not Lying His A$$ OFF Claiming Hamas Did Gang Rapes Like The IDF Did

Jeffrey Gettleman, the main author of the New York Times’ debunked propaganda piece claiming Hamas committed mass rape on October 7, now says he doesn’t want to describe the “evidence” he gathered as “evidence” because it’s not his “role” to actually prove any such rapes took place.

Instead, Gettleman claims his “role” is simply to “present information” and “give people a voice” (even if those people are proven liars with an agenda).

“I worked with two other colleagues and we interviewed almost 200 people over the course of two months,” Gettleman said, “and what we found — I don’t want to even use the word evidence because evidence is almost like a legal term that suggests you’re trying to prove an allegation or prove a case in court.”

“That’s not my role,” he continued. “We all have our roles and my role is to document, is to present information, is to give people a voice.”

“Jeffrey Gettleman, the NYT correspondent who claimed with absolute confidence to have proven that Hamas employed ‘systematic sexual violence’ on October 7, now says, ‘it’s not my role’ to provide evidence for the claims he published,” The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal commented on X.


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