Harvard Renews Killer Jab Mandate For A Non Existant “Virus”

CDC knowingly labeled accurate news stories about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines “misinformation,” internal messages show


There Never Was a “New Corona Virus”, There Never Was a Pandemic

No Worries No Virus


Students at Harvard University will continue to be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to register for the upcoming semester, the school has recently announced, joining 69 other schools around the country that still require the shot.

This does not upset me.
Any idiot stupid enough or Anti-American enough to attend Harvard’s halls of Anti-American Communism does not need to be passing along their genes anyway.

Harvard is actually doing America a favor Euthanizing Anti-American idiots too stupid to figure out the Scamdemic was a human herd depopulation campaign.

The Ole Dog!

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