Cancun Cruz Who Left Little Children To Freeze To Death In Texas While He Fled To Sunny Cancun To Sip Frosted Alcoholic Drinks, “stands” Against Abortion

Coward Cancun Cruz who cares so much about children he left them to freeze to death in Texas

when the Grid went down while he sneaked off to Sunny Cancun

to sip frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm sunny Cancun beach

while a little boy just down the road from me froze to death in his bed,

cares so much about children he demands to the preservation and examination of the bodies of five aborted babies.

I am sure this has nothing to do with grandstanding and trying to suck in the votes of folks apposed to abortions.
I am sure he is doing this out of concern for unborn babies.

Just puzzling to me why he cares so much about unborn babies but don’t give a flying f##k if ones already born freeze to death while he sips frosted alcoholic drinks on a sunny Cancun beach?

A saying Cousin George was fond of may shed some light on the motives of

Buffoon Cancun Cruz.

The Ole Dog!

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