Harvard Renews Killer Jab Mandate For A Non Existant “Virus”

CDC knowingly labeled accurate news stories about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines “misinformation,” internal messages show https://www.naturalnews.com/2024-01-30-cdc-labeled-accurate-dangers-vaccines-misinformation.html https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/68-health-science-institutions-globally-all-failed-to-cite-even-1-record-of-sars-cov-2-purification-by-anyone-anywhere-ever/ https://www.dossier.today/p/how-the-flu-disappeared-during-the Students at Harvard University will continue to be required to take the COVID-19 vaccine in order to register for the upcoming semester, the school has recently announced, joining 69 other schools around the country that still […]

Cancun Cruz Who Left Little Children To Freeze To Death In Texas While He Fled To Sunny Cancun To Sip Frosted Alcoholic Drinks, “stands” Against Abortion

Coward Cancun Cruz who cares so much about children he left them to freeze to death in Texas when the Grid went down while he sneaked off to Sunny Cancun to sip frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm sunny Cancun beach while a little boy just down the road from me froze to death in […]

Sheep Who Have No Clue About Their Last Life, Or Ones Before, Can Happily Do The Same Stupid Self Damaging S#it All Over Again

A friend and I were discussing sheep and lives yesterday. I asked him, in all the wars we have fought, sometimes together, sometimes against each other, has it ever brought lasting freedom, peace or economic benefits to our people? We agreed they have not as the sheep after you fight a bloody war for them, […]