“Most Americans Are Not Informed” – Tucker Carlson-Very True, Americans Are Forced To Attend US Corporation’s Indoctrination Centers Lyingly Called Public Schools To Be Filled Full Of Bull S#it

FACTS: The communist closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against African Americans manic depressive puritan yankee shyster rail road lawyer war criminal Lincoln killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union where the central government was subservient to and served the sovereign countries called states instead of the states being conquered provinces raped monetarily to fund the party […]

British “government” Saying The World Must Accept WW3 because They Know Best, Now Admit They Were Full of S#it When They Made Folks Wear Dust Mask To Stop Transmission of Non Existent Virus

The British “government” which says they always know best and it is time to start WW3, bring back the draft, kill a lot of people and blow up a bunch of cities filled with civilians, just like the British “government did in WW2, now admits they were completely full of shit when they used Communistic […]