Trans-Mississippi Day

I was out unlading a load of hay into the barn and heard my flags snapping in the lively Texas breeze. I most times fly my cousin’s command flag with the Bonnie Blue below it. The Bonnie Blue was used by the Republic of Texas in it’s early struggle and the blue field with the […]

The Illusion of Secession By the US Corporation’s Sub Corporation “State” “Governments” Would Leave The Slave Chains On & Power Held By The Same Evil F##kers Who Run US/DC

The ‘UNITED STATES’ is a Corporation owned and operated to Farm Americans like cattle for profit and use American children as cannon fodder in Rothschild pre-planned usury banker wars by the Rothschilds. Every single “state” “government” is a sub corporation of Rothschild’s US Corporation. The purpose of the “state” “governments” are to farm the Americans […]