I am not a fan of either Hitler or national Socialism, but the alleged “holocaust” of 6 million Red Russian Khazarian Jews pales in comparison to the fact of at least 66 million humans holocausted by the Red Russian Khazarian Jews running the USSR. Years ago I had a conversation with a WW2 vet who […]

“puritan” “Witch” burning yankees Introduced Slavery Into America, yankees Have always Considered Blacks To Be Animals, & yankee New York Jews Were The Slave Ship Owners & Slave Traders.

I have had enough of the lying assed yankees and their Jew masters telling lies about honorable Southerners. The Cromwellian hypocritical False “god” worshiping atheist puritan “Witch Burning” control freak communist yankees introduced slavery into the New World. Up until the 1840s and 1850s black slavery was still widespread in yankeeland. New York had a […]

“Fake Justice” at The Hague: The ICJ “Appoints” Nitwityahoo to “Prevent” and “Punish” “Those Responsible for “Genocidal Acts”

“Fake Justice” at The Hague: The ICJ “Appoints” Netanyahu to “Prevent” and “Punish” “Those Responsible for “Genocidal Acts” The Criminalization of International Law. Part I The ICJ Judgment of January 26, 2024 assigns the Netanyahu government representing the State of Israel –accused by the Republic of South Africa of genocide against the People of Palestine– […]

I Was Young and Alive

Nineteen seventy five- God, I was young and alive- Had not yet married my first ex-wife- Ahead still was all that shit and strife- Waylon and Willy, real country from real rebel Texicans we saw- Fast cars, fast motorcycles, fast horses, fast women and running from the law- Texas in her hay day, cold beer […]