Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe

Todays Pick of the Day Book of dispelling yankee lies used to justify the illegal invasion, gang rapes of little children, pregnant women and minister’s daughters, often til death by the puritan self righteous yankee terrorist, mass murder, armed robbery and criminal arson on an industrial scale along with the institutionalized bald faced lies told […]

Abraham Lincoln’s Mother was Illegitimate, Abe was Rumored to be Illegitimate, A closet Homosexual Atheist Rabidly Racist Against Blacks Marxist & The Hero Of “Witch” Burning yankees

Modern DNA proves Lincoln’s mother was illegitimate, as he thought she was. It has always been rumored Abe was also illegitimate, and testimony from the son of the man accused of really being his real father supports that supposition. Dna has proved his mother was illegitimate, the rumors of him being illegitimate may or […]