The Horsemen had a meeting to discuss occupied Texas, Republic of-
Amazed at the slowness of Texicans to understand the message sent from above-

I would have thought said Starvation & Famine, this foreplay would have been enough-
So that they would understood God they can not bluff-

Yet they still cling to the pedophile DC harlot dressed all in purple-
Who hides behind an innocent blood stained Red White & Blue rag to hide from the people-

The Harlot’s baseness, the infidelities, the intimate services for cash-
To any possessing 30 shekels, for who she dropped her unmentionables with flaring dash-

For any of the enemies of her people, who she betrayed again & again-
All the while berating her people for their “supposed sin”-

Death & Destruction said I guess they have not had enough-
We, God’s tools will just have to give them more of the stuff-

If this foreplay was not enough to get their attention of course-
Then God will be forced to turn loose the Riders of the Red and of the White horse!

The Ole Dog!

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