It’s Ok For Me To Do Sexual Assaults, I Am US law enFORCEment With A Badge!-Deputy US marshal, 39, is arrested in the UK after ‘drunken sexual assault of woman’

A deputy U.S. marshal, 39, was arrested in the UK after he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman on a Delta flight from New York City to London.

The federal marshal, who has not been identified, allegedly ‘acted inappropriately toward at least one woman on board,’ according to law enforcement officials.

The unnamed marshal was one of two who flew from NYC’s John F. Kennedy Airport to London Heathrow Airport on Tuesday to extradite a criminal defendant.

Two law enforcement sources told NBC that the two federal marshals had been drinking during the flight.

The second deputy was also briefly detained and later sent back to the U.S. on Wednesday night without facing any charges, authorities said.

A female passenger, who has not been named, complained to the Delta Airlines flight crew from NYC to London that she had been ‘inappropriately touched’.

A spokesperson with Delta Airlines confirmed in a statement: ‘Due to unruly passenger behavior while in flight, Delta Flight 1, JFK to London-Heathrow, was met by local law enforcement upon landing.’

The two deputies were en route to London to bring back a suspect wanted in Brooklyn on federal fraud-related charges.

The Metropolitan Police in London said in a statement that their officers at Heathrow Airport were informed of the incident at 6.30 am on Wednesday.

Officers in London confirmed that the 39-year-old marshal was arrested after he ‘sexually assaulted other passengers and crew.’

The marshal stands accused of sexual assault and remains in custody, the police said.


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