North Korea rules out talks with ‘two-faced’ US/DC

Pyongyang has rejected an offer to resume dialogue with Washington, saying its sovereignty is not open to negotiation.

Dialogue with US/DC reminds me of some lines from an old Kiss Kristofferson song.

“If you want more than sympathy then look for someone else,
Cause she’s not true to anyone not even to herself,
She’ll have sixteen smiling strangers who are handing her a line,
While she’s drawing dirty pictures on the black side of your mind,

That body she’ll let anybody hold,
But the devil’s got her soul,

See the little girl lost, pleading silently for help,
Knowing no one understands her, She don’t understand herself,
She’ll feed your hungry ego till you think your quite a man,
But you better count your fingers when she turns loose of your hand,
Cause your just a game she’s playing any way that she can win,
And you ain’t about to touch her any deeper than her skin.

That body anybody can control,
But the devil’s got her soul.”

Actually it is my opinion Fat Boy in North Korea and his sister get a monthly retainer check from the Rothschilds so when something is needed to take the sheep’s attention off of something evil, dirty, immoral and criminal one of the Rothschild’s organizations or minions are doing, Fat boy shoots off a couple of sub standard rockets and his sister shoots off her pie hole.

Gotta have boogie men to keep the sheep shaking in fear in their wool and begging the slaughter house operator to “save” them from the latest fear porn the slaughterhouse operators have their minions put out in their MSM.

Problem, reaction, solution.

And the sheep go Bhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ole Dog!

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