Henry Kissinger Received a Honored Welcome At The Gates of Hell

Henry Kissinger received a honored welcome at the gates of hell-
Tens of thousands of demons and imps in jubilant welcome did yell-

Satan himself handed Kissinger the ceremonial key to the gates of the fiery lake-
The dark side did rejoice at the return of one of their own who spent his life working for evil’s sake-

Satan said many wars and millions slaughtered were all because of him-
As the imps of hell danced and screamed in joy upon hell’s rim-

Kissinger was not thrown to the bottom of the pit where the average evil soul does abide-
He was shown straight to the Rothschild’s suite because serving them was the reason he lied-

With every breath of his evil wasted life-
Creating evil on earth and for humanity misery and strife!

The Ole Dog!

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