New York Jews Were The Slave Ship Owners and Slave Traders In America

Slavery is wrong.
That fact can not even be debated.

I advocate for the freeing of all slaves in America

from the Jews.

First let us establish for the ignorant, the late War Crime of illegal invasion,

gang rapes of little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often to death, arson on an industrial scale, armed robbery, mass murder of civilians, digging up the dead to rob, purposely starving tens of thousands of children to death

was NOT a civil war and was NOT fought to free slaves.

Secession was not and is not illegal under the Constitution of the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union.

When the end of the war was in sight, Lincoln

wrote to Sherman

saying he hoped Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederacy got away and was not captured.

This was because the closet homosexual atheist puritan war criminal and mass murderering Marxist

understood everything about his war was illegal under the Constitution.

He did not want Davis tried in a US court because he knew Davis could prove the Confederacy was right, and everything the US had done was illegal under the US’s own Constitution.

Davis was captured but never tried for “treason” as many of the puritan witch burners wanted him tried, because the smarter yankees understood in a court of record where Davis could present basics of Law and True evidence he would prove everything the US had done was war crimes violating not only God’s Laws, common decency, but violating the US’s own Constitution.

Next, the war was NOT fought to free slaves.

As for as slavery in America goes, yankeeland was the first to make slavery legal.

When the Roman Catholic priest hit the new world the first thing they did was to begin making slaves of the native people.
In the city where I live the Spanish Missions are a huge tourist attraction.
Very few people understand they were built with slave labor by indigenous people made slaves by the Roman Church and these missions are soaked in the misery and blood of the American Indians.

I have a 1924 Texas history School textbook which explains when the “good” fathers” needed more labor, the military troops would be sent out to find more “converts”.

There were African slaves in yankeeland when there were none left in the South.
It was not until December of 1865 the 13th amendment “freed” the slaves in yankeeland.
What the 13th amendment actually did was transfer private ownership of African Slaves to Washington DC, along with making all European Americans in America who had formally been free, slaves to US/DC.

In America the Roman Church made slaves of indigenous peoples.

Before there were African slaves in America, there were Irish and English slaves.

One of my 5th great grand fathers was shipped to Virginia as a slave because he got crossways with the Law in London.

After African slaves were introduced, Indians owned black slaves.

Free African Americans owned other Africans as slaves.

When it comes to slavery there is room to point figures every which way.
Many of the blacks caterwauling about their ancestors being slaves, their ancestors were owned as slaves by other of their African ancestors.

Their ancestors in Africa traded other of their ancestors to Jew run salve ships for rum the New York Jews distilled to trade for human cargo to sell into chattel slavery in America.

What made me write this is a I saw a “good” Jew trying to act like he gave a shit about the Palestinians being slaughtered by the tens of thousands in Gaza by Jews.
He made a remark comparing Gaza to the South for African Americans during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

I have never like hypocrites.
His ancestors bought and sold the ancestors of todays African Americans into slavery.
His Kin are the ones slaughtering the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian descendants of the Biblical Judeans in the
Semitic Indigenous Palestinian descendants of the Biblical Judeans own ancestral Home Land RIGHT NOW.

Let us not forget when Lincoln started his illegal war, passed a draft to feed his war machine, New York mobs perceiving part of the reason they were being made war slaves by being drafted into Lincoln’s criminal army, was because of Africans, roamed the streets finding and lynching blacks.

The yankee puritan abolitionist hated black, as did Lincoln.
Lincoln told them to their face he considered them sub human, they should never be allowed to vote, live where “whites” lived, marry a ‘white” person, that they were a burden on the “white”man when they lived around “whites”

Lincoln belonged to an association which collected funds to ship all Africans out of America so they would not “contaminate” “white” American society.

The reason yankees did not want slavery in new Sates and territories, was they wanted to move to these places and did not want to be forced to live around African Americans.

‘America’s 1st Black Concentration Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS’
(US Military Holocaust 20,000 freed African Salves in Death Camps)

The yankee abolitionist did not want to free Africans for the Africans sake, they wanted to ship them out of America.
It was because the yankees were eaten up with Puritanism they though the institution of slavery would bring their Angry “god’s” judgement upon America and upon themselves personally if the did not abolish;ish the institution.
Most of them despised Africans as animals.

The hypocrisy of yankees who did unspeakable war crimes against Southerners in order to build an empire disgust me along with their pride in those war crimes.

The hypocrisy of yankee Jews pointing their fingers at the South about the slaves which existed in yankeeland also, and which the yankee Jews ancestors traded run for to African tribes for Africans to sell into chattel slavery in America make me want to bitch slap their sneering evil hypocritical faces.

In closing.


The Ole Dog!

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