Anyone Still Pimping For Trump Is Too Stupid To Walk & Chew Gun At the Same Time, Or Took The 30 Shekels To Sell Humanity Out

If anyone out there is offended by my saying anyone still pimping for Trump is too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same time or has taken the 30 shekels to sell humanity out to the evil ones, allow me to rephrase that.

Anyone still pimping for Trump is too stupid to pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican”s cowboy boot with the instructions to do so printed in large capital letters on the bottom of the heel, or they sold their asses and soul to the dark side to betray humanity for 30 shekels.

I keep seeing post of people wanting to bring First “lady” Malinda Trump back.

Let me splain something to you Lucy!!!
A “lady” don’t make low budget homosexual porn movies.

Or hang around with known pedophiles.

Rumor has it Malinda was one of Mossad Jeffery’s “girls” and it was him who introduced her to Trump.

If you sheep just must vote for some hand puppet for president, I have just the candidate for you.

The Ole Dog!

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