JFK”s Murder By the Rothschild’s CIA and Mossad

“The Life And Public Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy By The CIA”.

This is a headline I saw this morning.
More and more to shield Israel from being exposed as up to their eyeballs involved with the murder of JFK, many propaganda pieces are being trotted out caterwauling of the CIA having done the murder.

The CIA was a huge part of murdering JFK, as was Israel’s Mossad.
Both Anti-human cess pools of evil are controlled by the same hand.

Because it matters when proving the Rothschilds are the guilty party, I will start before the time of the Battle of Waterloo.

There was a coin clipping, Usury loaning red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel who took the name Rothschild based upon the red shield sign which hung in front of his Usury den of “business.

The Lion on the Ratschild’s “coat of arms” is pure Jew BULLSHIT as there is no evidence anywhere any Ratschild ever had the balls to fight in any war, even the ones they have personally started after the Battle of Waterloo.
In addition, a coat of arms implies a warrior.
Raping little children and stealing the widow’s home is not battle.

This deviant had several sons.
He sent them all over Europe to different countries to set up Usury banking dens of evil which would all be connected the better to steal from all the people of Europe.

The one sent to England was named Nathan Rothschild.
Before the battle of Waterloo he had spies in France and England.

When the battle went down, France lost.
Ratschild’s spies in France sent word to Ratschilds in England by carrier pigeon the French had lost.

Ratschild had his minions in England start rumors England had lost.
This started a financial panic as this would mean English money and financial loans would be worthless.

All the panicked English started trying to sell all English financial bills and such.
Ratschild bought them all up for pence on the pound.

By the time the ships arrived with the news England had in fact won, the Ratschild scum owned England’s ass, lock, stock and barrel.

Including the Fake “royals”.

Once you know who really runs the Uk, one can start connecting the dots of the evil which has plagued humanity since the Battle of Waterloo.

The Ratschilds instigated World War One.
When England was loosing, the Ratschilds cut a deal with England to drag America into the war to save England’s ass in exchange for which the puppet British “government” would steal Palestine for the Ratschilds.

And that is how and why the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Babylonian Talmud inspired

Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult members called Jews are in Occupied Palestine Holocausting tens of thousands of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans today, while stealing all their lands.

Ok, let’s back track to World War One and Russia.

The Rothschilds took advantage of WW1 which they instigated to overthrow the government of Russia and murder the Russian Royals.

Let us now fast forward to World War Two which the Ratschilds also instigated.

FDR was a Ratschild’s bitch who worked hard to drag America into another Ratschild’s Usury European Bankers pre-planned war.

He was a red Russian Khazarian and LOVED communism.
He called the criminally insane red Russian Khazarian Jew mass murderer Stalin “Uncle Joe”.

After FDR dragged America which did not want anything to do with yet another Ratschild’s war into World War 2

he established the Un-American Ratschild’s controlled OSS (OFFICE OF SYTRATIGIC SERVICES) which today is called the CIA, still Anti-American and still controlled by the Ratschilds.

Ratschild’s bitch FDR picked to run the OSS, a treasonous basterd history has proved was a British double agent, “Wild” Bill Donovan.

General George S Patton saw the treason being done to America, the take over of Washington DC by Rothschild’s minions and tried to stop it.

Because Patton understood the evil of Jew run USSR presented to America and the world, Stalin and the US political;/High Brass of the US Military decided to murder Patton.


The OSS/CIA, the White House and High military brass to include the No Combat Coward Ike were in on the betrayal of America to the Rothschild’s red Russian Communism and all were involved in the murder of General Patton because he stood up against the take over of America by red Russian communism.

If Ike had not stopped Patton from crossing the Rhine in late 1944, the war in Europe would have ended around September/October 1944.
This would have meant saving the lives of thousands of American GIs, German GIs, and countless Civilians slaughtered in the war after this point.

Not well known is the largest loss of life for American GI’s in any battle in the European theater to include the D Day Landings, was at the Battle of the Bulge which would not have happened if Ike had not stopped Patton to allow red Russia time to gobble up three more Eastern European countries and half of Germany setting the stage for the pre-planned Could War.

If there had been no Cold War, there would have been no Americans dying in the pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam Wars.

Patton was just the first to be murdered by the Rothschild’s CIA and later CIA/Mossad evil twins.

James Vincent Forrestal was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense.

He was murdered by the CIA for fighting against the formation of Israel as a state as he understood it would be an enemy of and dangerous to America.

Next was a World War 2 hero and later a US senator who was exposing how high up in the US government and military Rothschild’s red Russian Communist spies and treasonous agents had infiltrated, Joe McCarthy.

Next it was JFK’s turn to die for standing up for America against the Rothschild’s red Russian Communism/Zionism.

There were several reasons the Rothschild’s CIA.Mossad murdered JFK.

He was going to stop “borrowing” at Usury credit,. Rothschild’s Not Federal, No reserves and Not a bank currency and have the US Treasury print the currency as they are supposed to do as per the Constitution.

He was going to pull American troops out of the quagmire of the Viet nam war.

He was going to stop Israel from getting illegal NucleaR WEAPONS.


So the Rothschild’s CIA/Mossad murdered him.

As a result America is an occupied country,

and a third world shit hole.

The Ole Dog!

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