Trying to Confuse The UNITED STATES Corporation With America Is Purposely Trying To Say Apples are Orange’s -HEADLINE-“72% of Americans would not fight for their country, poll shows”

“A new poll shows that 72% of American voters would not be willing to volunteer to fight for their country if the United States faced a major conflict.

The Poll is in Zionist Speak.
Translated out of Zionist Speak it means 72% of Americans do not want to kill other humans or to die in pre-planned bull shit wars based on false flags and lies which are detroimental to America but benefit Rothschild’s private fiefdom located in Illegally Occupied Palestine.

‘Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!’

Zionist Speak Translation Rule #1!

The Ole Dog!


72% of Americans would not fight for their country, poll shows

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