Pfizer sues Poland Because Poland Does Not Want To Keep Killer Jabbing Polish People

The European Union is a means of stealing National Sovereignty from European Nation States. A controversial contract the European Commission had signed with Pfizer in 2021 on behalf of EU captive nations. Pfizer is demanding $1.5 billion in compensation for 60 million doses of assisted suicide euthanasia jabs that Poland’s government declined, after it stopped […]

US Gunship Holocaust of Iraqis Inside Iraq Without The Knowledge of Iraqi Government a Violation of Iraqi Sovereignty.

US illegally invaded Iraq based on damned lies the little child raping political whores in Sodom & Gomorra on the Potomac made up themselves. After bombing Iraq back to the Stone Age, Holocausting a million or so innocent Iraqis, scattering birth defect and cancer causing depleted uranium from artillery and tank round all over Iraq, […]