The Big White Cat House In Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac Does Not Expect Arab States To Weaponize Oil

The White Cat House has been right so often.

Lets see, the White House said Spain blew up the USS MAINE which led to the Spanish-American war.

Modern technology has proved Spain did not blow up the MAINE.

The White House said World War One was a war to end all wars.
That’s really worked out well hasn’t it?

Dresden Germany Fire Bombed by Britain in 1945.
A Non Military City filled with perhaps a million War Refugees running from the red Russians.
The few humans who escaped the fires were machine gunned by US fighter plane pilots, women, children and old unarmed men

The Highway of Death.
1991 when the White House slaughtered perhaps a million retreating Iraq soldiers no longer fighting, but returning to Iraq.

An International War Crime

The White House said General George S Patton was crazy for saying allowing the red Russian Commies to gobble up all of Eastern Europe and half of Germany would lead to more wars.

History has proved Patton right, and the White House full of pig shit.

The White House said if 58,000 Americans did not die in Viet Nam,

with many that number dying of drugs, booze, suicide and effects of agent Orange afterwards, with about 3 million Asians slaughtered by the US in that war, if south Viet Nam fell, a domino effect would happen with country after country becoming communist.

The US came out of that war with their tail between their legs, South Viet Nam fell and there was no domino effect.


Seems the Big White House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac has been HISTORICALLY wrong about just about everything and “right” about JACK SHIT!

So I expect they are using Zionist Speak in which the true meaning of what they say can be understood by flipping the meaning of the words they use 180 degrees.

Which what the Big White Cat House really said was for the American people to drop their unmentionables and bend over for huge increases in energy prices as the Arab counties will use their energy supplies to slap Uncle Sugar’s hand for helping the red Russian Khazarians illegally occupying Palestine in their mass HOLOCAUST of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans.

The Ole Dog!

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