Old Dog!’s Poems

I started writing poetry in my early twenties.

The poems I wrote were mellow, about the natural beauty of the earth I saw around me, thoughts of God’s love.

When I came home from the war my soul was dark, the poetry I wrote was dark, so I stopped writing poetry for several years.

As I worked through the darkness in my soul, as I asked God for understanding leading to wisdom, as I forgave unconditionally, a great weight was lifted from my soul and I started writing again.

I do poetry of past lives/experiences.
Even do a bit which could be termed romantic.

Most I do now are prophetic, warning the sheep of the coming storm, calling for their repentance from the evil they have embraced.

I spent yesterday compiling all my poems and am working on printing them off to put in book form.

As for as my articles/poems being hard hitting truth bombs for the sheep who hate the truth,

someone has to play the Devil which harasses the evil ones, someone has to be God’s bounty hunter.

This is a time of great evil and societal ignorance.
When the times are very evil, when the evil ones are running amuck, God don’t send a hair-less Chihuahua to do a junk yard dog’s job.

I would rather be living on about five thousand acres with a home on the highest point in the middle so I could see if any sheep were trying to bring their insanity and fearful bleating into my world, with the range marked off in hundred yard increments on big rocks in every direction so I did not have to guess at the distance to adjust my elevation when I aimed.

But God did not allow me to take this life off.
It seems God does not allow me to take any lives off from sheep herding.

So when I am writing the truth which offends the sheep,

I would rather be doing something else, but I do my duty to God and to my own soul.

So instead of getting pissy about having the truth prick the sheep’s

illusion and ignorance’s bubble, you might have some sympathy for the Devil who is forced to herd sheep!

The Ole Dog!

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