“Iran” Kicked US’s Ass During 250 Million $$ 2002 War Games

Look how closely those Iranians put their country to USA/DC Military Bases! Trying to start trouble, those Iranians! How Dare They?

Back when the Rothschild’s Bitch FDR was trying to drag Americans into another pre-planned Ratschild’s World War, when he backed the Japanese into a corner using “economic sanctions, he moved the 7th fleet from California where it was completely safe from the Japanese, to the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii which US was illegally occupying by force to make it easy for the Japanese to attack.

He gave orders which had the battle ships setting lined up at the pier with no steam built up, with the ammunition for their weapons and guns locked below in ammo bunkers, the planes put in nice target circles in the middle of runways so as much destruction and as many Americans could be killed as possible so he could use that as an excuse to drag America into another European Usury banker’s war.

When the attack came which he had foreknowledge of, he made sure the aircraft carriers were out to sea.

The Battle ships were obsolete and the cutting edge of naval warfare at the time was the aircraft carrier.

I have been warning for years aircraft carriers because of advancement in weapons such as hypersonic missiles which can travel hundreds of miles, are as obsolete as the Battle ships were in WW 2.

Today aircraft carriers are very expensive dinosaurs and huge coffins for sailors which in any real war with any country with a real military, will find their next use as artificial fish reefs.

In World War 2 the best use for a battle ship was a s a floating artillery platform to shell land based targets in support of infantry and tanks.

Today the only real use for aircraft carriers are as a status symbol of those counties which have enough funds to piss down a rat hole to have some, and to park off the coast of 3ed world counties with no real military and use the carrier based planes to bomb the civilians, homes and business back to the Stone Age.

Any half assed military tactical thinker has understood with the narrowness and the shallowness of the Strait of Hormuz, any aircraft carrier battle group which goes steaming in there trying to start a war with Iran will indeed start one, but the battle group will be artificial fish reefs in short order and all those sailors and marines will be fish chow.

In fact the US has long had a plan to start a war with Iran by sending in such a battle group made up of older ships they don’t care about anyway and getting them sunk along with such a large loss of life the American people will be so mad for revenge against the Iranians legally defending their country from an illegal aggressive war crime act, they will not notice their sons and daughters, their husbands and wives, were sent there to die so the US can start another war for the Ratschilds

These kind of dumb asses with stars on their shoulders who could not pull off a successful pantie raid with a pocket full of hundred dollar bills in a cat house in Bangkok on a Saturday night, nor fight their way out of a wet paper sack they had soaked with their own piss are what you get when instead of warriors you promote dick sucking politically correct yes pussies.

The Ole Dog!

At a cost of $250 million, Millennium Challenge 2002 was the largest and most expensive war game in Pentagon history.

With over 13,500 participants, the US government took over two years to design it.

The exercise pitted Iran against the US military. Washington intended to show how the US military could defeat Iran with ease.

Paul Van Riper, a three-star general and 41-year veteran of the Marine Corps, led Iranian forces in the war game. His mission was to take on the full force of the US military, led by an aircraft carrier battle group and a large amphibious landing force in the Persian Gulf.

The results shocked everyone…

Van Riper waited for the US Navy to pass through the shallow and narrow Strait of Hormuz, which made them sitting ducks for Iran’s unconventional and asymmetric warfare techniques.

The idea is to level the playing field against a superior enemy with swarms of explosive-laden suicide speedboats, low-flying planes carrying anti-ship missiles, naval mines, and land-based anti-ship ballistic missiles, among other low-cost but highly effective measures.

In minutes, Van Riper emerged victorious over his superior opponent and sank all 19 ships. Had it been real life, 20,000 US sailors and marines would have died.

Millennium Challenge 2002 was a complete disaster for the Pentagon, which had spent a quarter of a billion dollars to set up the extensive war game. It produced the exact opposite outcome they wanted.

So what did the Pentagon do with these humbling results?

Like a child playing a video game, they hit the reset button. They then rigged and scripted the game so that the US was guaranteed to win.

After realizing the integrity of the war game had been compromised, a disgusted Van Riper walked out mid-game. He then said:

“Nothing was learned from this. And a culture not willing to think hard and test itself does not augur well for the future.”

The main lesson of Millennium Challenge 2002 is that aircraft carriers—the biggest and most expensive ships ever built—wouldn’t last a single day in combat against even a regional power like Iran. Russia and China would have an even easier time dispatching them. They are overpriced toys.


A $250 Million War Game and Its Shocking Outcome

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