The Khazarian Jew Outcaste Wants Pedophilia To Be Excepted As “Normal”.

‘The Khazarian Jew Outcaste Wants Pedophilia To Be Excepted As “Normal”-‘

Jew pedophile Zionist Zombies fight with all their might-
To make raping babies seem normal and right-

So the world don’t chase them down and extract retribution-
For all the children raped and murdered they fear Justice’s solution-

A perverted lust which Jesus the Christ and Nature both despise-
Both agree any time such scum sucking pedophile evil arise-

The rope, the millstone, a weight, chains and the Zionist Zombie pedophiles neck-
The deep end of the pool, the trap door dropping the Zionist virus Zombie to heck-

Till their lungs fill with water, or the Zionist pedophile’s neck snaps like a twig-
Causing the children to be safe from the Non Semitic Zionist Zombie pig!

The Ole Dog!

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