Like The Sands of Time, Through Nitwityahoo’s Ass!

Like The Sands of Time, Through Nitwityahoo’s Ass!
So are the hell of the days of his life!
His nights too!

He fancies he can feel the breath of the beast on his back as he runs screaming away in his recurring nightmare!

He awakens, to find it is only the labored oinks of the sow in bed with him!

Damn, talking about waking from one nightmare to the other!


He slowly arose so as not to disturb the thing, which with it’s rolls of fat, looked somewhat like a wood eating grub worms, an alien life form!

Some times he wondered?

His shaking hand poured a glass full of his preferred poison, took it in one gulp, refilling his glass, and chasing the first with the second.

Thinking back to his nightmare, same damn beast every time!

A human sized Lizard creature, with wings, sometimes with a goats head, sometimes a head of a Lion, sometimes the head of an Eagle, yet other times, the head of a giant snarling wolf!

Always coming for him!

He could run, crawl, hide, but it made no difference, the Lizard always found him, he would hear the flapping of these dragon like wings, and feel the heated breath of the Beast, on his back.

He slugged down his third and fourth glass full with a shaking hand!

If he was not such a coward, he would eat his pistol!

If he was Awake, the nightmare in the bedroom made his life a living hell, if he drank enough to pass out, he awoke to the nightmare of the damned winged Lizard beast with the goats head.

Go to HELL?

He was in Hell, every day, and every night!

From the bedroom came a snorting oink he recognized as the mating call of the huge sow in the bed!

What the Fk did i do to deserve this God he asked, other than murder, rape, terrorism, lies, theft, pedophilia?

The snorting oink came again, loader and more insistent this time!

Get your ass in here!!!!

He swilled down numbers five and six, shook his head in disgust, and said, Fk hell!

Hell’s got nothing on this bitch!

He turned and walked into the jaws of hell!

The Ole Dod!

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