Up Is Down And Down Is Up

Up is down and down is up in this world infected with the Zionist Zombie Virus-
A world totally hosed up without a soul missing a fundamental part as was Osiris-

Black is white and white is black to the infected with a virus which eats the soul and brain-
Morals, decency, truth, honor, kindness is beyond their ability to obtain-

Cold is hot and hot is cold in their Zionist Zombie Virus eaten mind-
The lies they spew constantly are as repulsive and colorful as a baboon’s behind-

“God” gave it to us they scream while Holocausting tens of thousands of God’s children-
From filthy bucktoothed pie holes having sexual orgasms as they send-

High explosives, white phosphorus, artillery shells to slaughter all living things not of their cult-
The torn apart bodies, humans run over by bulldozers, the raped and slaughtered are mult-

All across the world political whores blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape videos scream-
We must send weapons and funds to help the Zionist Zombies achieve their very evil wet dream-

Of world domination where everyone else are sexual toys, beast of burden and slaves-
To the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel knaves-

Cult members placed at the helm of MSM TV and print media caterwaul oh poor poor us-
As all souled humanity are raped, robbed and slaughtered by the soul-less red Rus-

Non Semitic Khazarian mongrels are Semitic and Semitic Palestinians are not according to the rabid ones-
No, no beings can be found as disgusting evil and perverted in all the universes under many suns-

All souled humans from all the world over must join in righteous wrath-
To eradicate the Zionist Zombie Virus so Humanity can once again walk the path-

Of Light, understanding leading to wisdom which in turn leads to the Creator God-
Not a hating blood lusting demonic creature who wishes to torment humanity with an iron rod-

Of evil, beating the decency, the kindness, the very humanity out of all who walk this rock-
A despicable putrid being who wishes all LIGHT from the SOURCE from humanity to block-

The Zionist Zombie virus must be defeated for humanity to survive-
When the last virus host is gone humanity will know that peace and God’s love has arrived!

The Ole Dog!

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