Killer Jabbed Sheep Suffering Psychosis, Panic Attacks and Hallucinations

Have you been wondering why necked women are walking down a Kalifornia freeway shooting at random cars,

killer jabbed zombies are trying to attack and eat other people, sheep are doing totally stupid and outlandish things all over the world?

Ever notice it is the killer jabbed

doing this shit and not Purebloods?

It is possible to ensure the safety of those who had big enough balls and brains to reject getting Killer Jabbed from those who rolled up their sleeves like the sheep they are, the Killer Jabbed Zombies may need to be put in Protective Containment Medical Camps and monitored by armed guards to protect the Pureblood from their Killer Jab induced insanity, and the Killer Jabbed from each other.

The Ole Dog!

All across the country, people who used to be healthy are sicker than ever. And the cause, they say, is Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines.”

One “fully vaccinated” person who can no longer even do his job is 60-year-old Dr. Patrick William Slater, a neurotologist. Prior to Operation Warp Speed, Slater ran a successful, full-time practice in Austin, as well as fished and hiked in his spare time – but no longer.

In October 2021, Slater came down with cerebellar ataxia, a disease that affects movement. He suddenly could no longer eat, nor could he go to the bathroom without help. He was able to obtain pharmaceutical drugs to help manage the condition, but one thing Slater cannot seem to manage are his unprecedented panic attacks.

Almost every night, Slater would experience panic attacks so severe that they left him in “abject terror.” The pain and misery were so strong that he contemplated taking his own life on numerous occasions.

Nobody in the medical field could come up with any explanation for Slater’s symptoms. Both neurologists and psychiatrists dismissed his symptoms as anxiety, but he believes the true cause are the mRNA COVID jabs he took, including the initial double dose followed by a booster.

“There was no question in my mind,” Slater said about the ever-worsening wave of symptoms he developed after each subsequent mRNA injection.

(Related: Check out the documentary film “The Unseen Crisis” to learn more about the devastating after-effects of COVID “vaccination.”)

Are the fully jabbed shedding these same conditions onto the unvaccinated?


COVID vaccinated suffering psychosis, panic attacks and hallucinations

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