US War Crime Illegal Occupation Troops Come Under New Attacks By Syrian Freedom Fighters

Illegal War Criminal Occupation US troops Illegally in an International War Crime based in Syria have come under attack at least four times since the latest War Criminal Illegal US airstrikes in Eastern Syria were Illegally launched on Sunday. A Murdergon official said that Illegal Occupation War Criminal US forces Illegally in an International War […]

Dueling to the Death Must Be Brought Back To Cleanse US Politics and “government”-“We Can Finish It Here”: US Senator Challenges Teamsters President To Fight During Congressional Hearing

The Urgent Need To Reinstate Dueling!-No Balls Political Whore Wants a War, OK, Pistols, 10 Paces Each, Turn, Fire, War Over!!!! “We can finish it here,” said Mullin, a former mixed martial arts fighter. “OK that’s fine, perfect,” O’Brien replied. “You wanna do it now?” Mullin shot back. “I’d love to do it right now,” […]

Treasonous to America Ben Shapiro Labels Candace Owens ‘Disgraceful’ for Taking an America First Position on IsraHELL’s Holocaust Of Indigenous Palestinians

Ben Shapiro is absolutely furious with Candace Owens for taking an America First position on the Israel-Palestine conflict and not advocating for America to fight Israel’s wars. Even though Owens is on The Daily Wire’s payroll, Shapiro lashed out at her during an event on Monday night for her “absolutely disgraceful” behavior during the war. […]

IsraHELL’s debt Accrued To Finance the Holocaust of Tens of Thousands of Innocent Palestinian Children Who Are the Descendants of Biblical Judeans soaring- The Occupying Criminals have raised nearly $8 billion in liabilities since October 7, according to the Finance Ministry

Not to worry you child raping and murdering psychopath Nitwityahoo, you know your kin who runs Washington DC will steal it from the American Tax Slaves to pay for your debts for mass murdering the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans. The Ole Dog!

America is ‘next’ if IsraHELL loses “war” – Nitwityahoo

“Islamist militants” will pose a threat to the United States and Europe if IsraHELL if the Non Semitic red Russian Non Semitic Khazarin mongrel Jew Cult members illegally occupying Palestine while Holocausting the Semiotic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians, are not allowed to finish Genociding all the rest of the Semiotic Indigenous Palestinian […]

An Aircraft Carrier Named After A No Combat Coward Mass Murdering War Criminal, USS Dwight S. Eisenhower Now in Gulf of Oman In Support of Rothschild’s Private Fiefdom In Occupied Palestine Holocausting Thousands of Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Children Who Are The Descendants of Biblical Judeans

World War Two General George S Patton wrote in his diary of how when he would have dinner with Ike he would whine of how it was hard making decisions about combat operations when he (IKE) had never been in combat. Georgie noted as supreme commander in the European arena, Ike had the ability to […]