Secret Service Opens Fire On DC Car Thieves Outside Hands [AND OTHER THINGS] All Over Little Girls Biden’s Granddaughter Naomi Biden’s Home

Hands all over little girls Biden who likes to French kiss his granddaughters and take all American’s self defence weapons away so the average American can not defend their families from being raped, robbed and murdered by the scum criminals the “government” keeps turning loose on Americans so they can rape, rob and murder some […]

Greta Rothschild Chants “In Support” of Palestinians While Her Clan Slaughters Them

Divide and conquer is a very old herd em through the slaughter house door tactic. The way it was discovered Greta was a Ratschild was when it was noticed $$$$$ from a Ratschild organization was transferring infusions of stolen wealth into Greta’s parents accounts to fund her war against humanity which serves her Ratschild’s Clan’s […]