US Treasonous Political Whores Seeks Clarification From Nitwityahoo After Remarks On Gaza’s Future



“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

Nitwityahoo is Holocausting tens of thousands of Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians for his Ratschild masters.

The criminally insane mass murdering Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel war criminal has openly called for his terrorist IDF

to HOLOCAUST EVERY LAST Semitic Indigenous Palestinian man, women and child Descendants of the Biblical Judians and the complete theft and occupation of the HOLOCAUSTED Semitic Indigenous Palestinian man, women and child Descendants of the Biblical Judians Ancestral Home Land.

IsrHELL’s treasonous whores in DC and the “state” houses have tried to take politicaL cover from their aiding the Holocaust by publicly “questioning” Nitwityahoo on “what he really meant” when he called for the slaughter of every last Palestinian and the complete theft of their homeland.

Here at Kingdom Carleton KING John de Carleton

has many resources.
One of them is a fly on the wall who flies around the world listening in on “private” conversations between Zionist Zombie Virus Host War Criminals.

Kingdom Carleton’s Fly On The Wall has informed King John de Carleton he sat on the wall when Nitwityahoo ripped into the Mossad Jeffery Child Rape video blackmailed whores of DC for daring to publicanly question any damn thing he said!

The Fly on the Wall reported it went down thus:

Nitwityahoo stomps into a room packed with DC blackmailed and bribed whores saying “It is time for a Come To Jesus Meeting with your asses Heh-Heh”.

Nitwityahoo then demanded they all line up on their knees to all suck his diseased dick while he f##ked em all up the ass verbally.

He told them “How dare you question a damn thing I say!
What part of I can have the tapes of all of you raping little children released on YouTube

any damn time I feel like it.

When I say jump you better damn well jump as high as you can, then a bitt higher yet.

The American sheep have managed to ignore all the evidence of all the US politicians being little baby raping ass holes, but if they see you raping those scereaming little children on video with their own eyes even low IQ cowardly sheep like they are will have to stand up and get some rope.

There seems to have been a bit more ass reaming of the bought and sold treasonous whores but the reason the meeting went on for hours was there were just SO MANY of them had to wait their turn to suck Nitwityahoo’s dick.

Leastways that’s the way Kingdom Carleton’s Fly on the Wall News Reporter said it went down.

The Ole Dog!

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