Israeli Citizen ATF Director Says He Wants To Take Americans “Assault Weapons” Away, Probably To Ship to Red Russian Khazarian Invaders of Palestine so His kin Can Slaughter More Palestinian children

Jews want to disarm Americans so they are as defenseless as the Palestinians they are slaughtering wholesale in Occupied Palestine.

The Jew Cult Member ATF Director Steve Dettelbach has stated his wet dream of disarming Americans of their Simi-auto rifles.

IsraHell citizen Jew Cult Member ATF Director Dettelbach who’s Kin are currently shooting the hell out of Palestinian children

‘Child killed every 10 minutes in Gaza – WHO chief’

with fully automatic real Assault Weapons paid for by funds stolen from American Tax slaves

answered that he’d like to revive the federal prohibition on “assault weapons,” which expired in 2004.

The so-called “assault weapons” that Dettelbach refers to are commonly owned modern sporting rifles that 1 in 20 Americans own.

This is a drastic change from Dettelbach’s nomination hearing, where he promised to be a fair regulator and only use the tools that Congress gave him.

If the red Russian Khazarian Jew Cult members running Washington DC really wanted to save innocent children from firearms deaths, they would disarm the US’s and IsraHell’s militaries first.

A great American had this to say about political whores catawauling to disarm Americans.

The only “governments” which ever disarmed their people were “governments” which wanted to make slaves of the people without the people having the means to resist.

There is only one reason the political whores in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac would want to disarm Americans.

If the political whores in DC REALLY wanted to protect innocent children there ia a third thing they would do after disarming the US’s and IsraHell’s militaries.

Cut all the DC and State house’s politicians dicks off!


The Ole Dog!

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