When I see what the soul-less Zionist Zombies are doing to God’s little children, the Beast tries to crawl up my throat and get out. Someday I will let him out. But there needs be no war to stop this evil. Humanity stands as one, convenes Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals. Humanity arrest all the evil […]

Moment KILLER JABBED thief steals motorbike form elderly rider – then drops dead from “sudden illness” seconds later in Brazil

Footage shows Iury Gustavo da Silva Godoy collapsing in São Paulo. Death comes moments after he and his accomplice tried to rob a 66-year-old. Police investigating the case as suspected robbery and suspicious death. Brazilian CCTV footage caught the extraordinary moment a criminal robbed an elderly biker and dropped dead from a sudden illness seconds […]

Israeli Citizen ATF Director Says He Wants To Take Americans “Assault Weapons” Away, Probably To Ship to Red Russian Khazarian Invaders of Palestine so His kin Can Slaughter More Palestinian children

Jews want to disarm Americans so they are as defenseless as the Palestinians they are slaughtering wholesale in Occupied Palestine. The Jew Cult Member ATF Director Steve Dettelbach has stated his wet dream of disarming Americans of their Simi-auto rifles. IsraHell citizen Jew Cult Member ATF Director Dettelbach who’s Kin are currently shooting the hell […]

Citing War in Israel,Israel’s Overseas Colony in Florida Governor DeSantis Suspends Habeas Corpus, Begins Mass Arrests Of Anyone Loyal to America and Telling The Truth Of Israel’s War Crimes

Editor’s Note: This is fake news. [Well, Kinda, Sorta] Citing the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Governor Ron DeSantis has suspended habeas corpus in Florida and begun the mass arrest of federal and state officials accused of being sympathetic to Hamas. The move drew praise from fellow Republicans, while being condemned by several Democrats, […]