Meet the Christian Cowboys defending Israel’s heartland

“Fifteen American Christian “cowboys” with their wide-brimmed hats, denim shirts, tight Wrangler jeans, leather belts with large buckles, and well-worn boots have come to Israel to protect the Jewish

residents of the biblical heartland – Judea and Samaria.

“We want to live for Israel; that is our goal,” said 24-year-old Yosef Strain from Montanna, his voice carrying a subtle twang
The young men, mostly in their early 20s, hail from across the South: Tenessee, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, and Montana. They join other faith-driven volunteers in Israel through Hayovel. For 20 years, this organization has been bringing several hundred Christians to Israel each year to help harvest the grapes of the biblical heartland.

These Evangelical Christians are usually focused on restoring Christian-Jewish relations

and confirming Israel’s right to their ancestral homeland.”

Well, The Ole Dog! as a Texican Hillbilly who rode fast bucking horses (and the wife always injects fast women before she led me down the isle to the alter), grew up milking cows, butchering beef, raising hogs, plucking chickens, who has casterated about everything which has a set of balls except my daughter’s boyfriends when she was young, and I was tempted to do that, who has many times had his arm shoved all the way of a cow’s female organs to artificially inseninate them, who currently still has a herd of goats, free range chickens, one hog, a quail raising project ongoing, and who’s youngest grandson, wife and daughter are trying to get me to agree to a miniature cow, we real Texican cowboy hillbillies have a saying about a whole bunch of big hat wearing pussies.

We real Texicans also have a saying which fits to a T these dumb f##ks who are trying to save a bunch of cult members who Hate Jesus, have sworn to rape their children, make them slaves and destroy their country.

They so stupid they could not pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican’s cowboy boot with the instructions to do so printed in capital letters on the bottom of the heel.

The Ole Dog!

Source of article about stupid pussies wearing hats.

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