“Dr.” Robert Malone Will Need To Be Given A Fair Nuremberg Common Law Tribunal Trial, Followed By A Fair Hanging

Gatekeepers and controlled opposition are made great use of by those doing the mass Holocaust of Humanity with the Killer Jabs,

Instigated wars


If one does not understand most every “news” outlet to include most “alternative” media sites or blogs on the net are controlled opposition which took the 30 shekels to make war against humanity, look at all the “justification” coming out on all of these sites for the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels slaughtering the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians in the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judians own Ancestral Home Land.

I am tired of in article after article laying out the proof of the Big Lie of “God gave it to us”, the Bib Lie of the Scamdemic, the Big Lie there even is a mythical “virus” called SARS-COV-02″ claimed without scientific proof to cause the imaginary “COVID-19” “illness.

If you want the links and proof of all of this, go through my articles.

A whore which sells out to the dark side to be a gate keeper works thus.

They use evidence which is already out like mNRNA jabs are killing and disabling people, to gain people’s trust that they are fighting the system for folks.

Then they write articles, make speeches which tries to limit folks figuring out the whole deliberate evil done to humanity so humanity will not chase the evil f##ks who gave the gate keepers 30 shekels to help make war against humanity into closed room and blind alleys and beat their brains out with tire irons and baseball bats for the murdering of people’s kin, children and loved ones.

Take Malone who is trying to convince folks he is fighting FOR them.

Part of trying to fool folks into thinking he is the good guy, and not a paid whore gatekeeper making war against humanity is the tactic to appear to be under attack from the evil f##ks he is working for.

‘Dr. Robert Malone Reveals How The Government Tore His Reputation Apart, “Piece By Piece”‘

Here is the twitter posting which told the truth which drew Malone in to muddy the waters.

An example of how one side (THE BIG LIE) is hammered into people’s heads from every major site along with most “alternative” sites is the gatekeepers who are “Poor IsraHell”, “poor Jews”, Bad people who don’t love Jews”.

Look at the reaction to the latest US Army recruitment video.

Straight Goyim Midwestern & Southern White Boys Wanted For Cannon Fodder In IsraHell Wars

There are a hell of a lot of people out there who know the score, but their voices are fact checked, censored, banned from X formally known as Twitter Litter, Face Butt, YouRube and every other platform alleging to bring you what the common man and women is saying and thinking.

Evil f##ks like Malone who took the 30 shekels to try to keep Justice against evil mass murderers from happening, will need fair trials and fair hangings.

The Ole Dog!

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