Come To New Khazaria Said The Non Semitic Russian Expat Pedophile

Come to New Khazaria said the Non Semitic Russian Expat Pedophile-
Plenty of room for Khazarians in ejected Semitic Palestinian’s domiciles-

The more Semitic Palestinians we Holocaust the less need a home-
The ones survive, are left on hungry bombed out streets of Gaza to roam-

We will again gather the Non Semitic Khazarian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel tribes-
While we get the world to turn a blind eye by blackmail and pittance bribes-

The Holocaust of the rightful owners of the Land goes on at an exccelerated pace-
Trying to genocide, exterminate the Semitic Palestinian’s in a race-

To get it done before the world at large takes note of our evil-
Sucking humanities blood, as destructive as a boll weevil-

So come to New Khazaria, a pedophile Khazarians delight-
As on a Land of former peace we become a violent blight-

If any one tries to object to our brass balls in your face murder circus-
Just tell a big ole Khazarian lie and say “God” gave it to us!

The Ole Dog!

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