Kunstler-The Jewish Dilemma Of Khazarian Jews Loyal To IsraHell While It Made War On America

“it’s time for Jewish Americans to get out of the Democratic Party and re-assimilate into an American common culture – a consensus about reality – that is consistent with running a successful, orderly, and just society.” Several years too late and a bunch of shekels short Kunstler. No such thing as a Jewish American. Jews […]

Nearer, My God, to Thee

The Creator God Created all life in the Universe. The Creator God is not some man like creature with ESP and a magic wand. Many are always looking for a short cut to God. Drop a hundred in the plate every Sunday to buy Heaven and salvation. Those who seek the short cuts make their […]

The Creation of Politicians

‘The Creation of Politicians’ The day came when the Sons of God- Said today you scheduled creating politicians, shall we get some sod? God said no for a politician we need a different mix- Several special things from places like dung heaps and out houses to fix- The material to pore into the political prostitute […]