When You Can Plainly See the Soul-less Jew Animals Control the Press

Sub Headline:
Bolivia has alleged that the IDF has committed atrocities in targeting the Palestinians.


First sentence:
The government of Bolivia announced on Tuesday that it was severing diplomatic relations with Israel due to its military operation in Gaza and alleged atrocities against the Palestinians.


No what the Bolivians said was:

“Bolivia decided to break diplomatic relations with the state of Israel in repudiation and condemnation of the aggressive and disproportionate Israeli military offensive taking place in the Gaza Strip,” Deputy Foreign Minister Freddy Mamani said at a press conference.

“Acting Foreign Minister Maria Nela Prada accused Israel of “committing crimes against humanity” in Gaza, calling on the Israeli government to “cease attacks in the Gaza Strip that have already resulted in thousands of civilian casualties



and the forced displacement of Palestinians.”-”

Now they say the Bolivian government “ACCUSED” IsraHELL of “committing crimes against humanity”

“She also demanded an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza that “prevents the entry of food, water and other essential elements for life,” in violation of international humanitarian law.”



Let us take look at one who suffered at the hands of the hate maddened Jews, and what he said about why Jews Holocausting 66 million humans in Russia is virtually unknown to most of the world.

There is no “alleged” or “accused” to this rabid skunk vicious slaughter of humans which the red Russian Khazarian demonically possessed soul-less Jew Cult animals dance around in joy for being able to inflict such pain while mass murdering innocent women and children in the innocent women and children’s own land in which the soul-less pig animal Jew cult members

are an invasive species.

Self Defense is a Creator God (not the demonic evil hate filled loving rape, mass slaughter of humans and bashing babies brains out against rocks blood lusting demonic “god” Yahweh) Given Right.

Humanity has a God Given Right to defend themselves from the bloodlust of these soul-less animals, and a duty to their children, kin, societies and countries to eradicate the Zionist Zombie Virus from the face of the earth.

That the “leaders” of most all Rothschild controlled “governments in the world

are cheerleading for the brutal slaughter of thousands of indigenous innocent children at the hands of a soul-less invasive species animals bunch of lying assed dancing in joy at being able to slaughter thousands of innocent humans

prove two things.

#1, they are infected with the brain and soul destroying Zionist Zombie Virus also.


Those Mossad jeffery Child Rape Blackmail Videos work like a charm!


Truth shines bright the Light in the corners of dark,
Causing the vermin to run, slither and embark,

Caterwauling and screeching in turn,
Oh how the truth of the Light does Burn!

The Ole Dog!

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