By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them

Want Peace in the Middle East?
Run the Invasive Specisn Non Semitic Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian


Mossad Jeffery & his Child Rape for Blackmail purposes Mossad Madam with a Holly Whore Pedophile buttie.
red Russian Khazarian Child Raper Jews for IsraHELL

Babylonian Talmud inspired End of Times Death Cult Jew Members the hell out of the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans Ancestral Home Land.

Of course any perverted soul-less sick as f##k degenerate cum sucking bottom feeding ass hole who ever served in any “official” capacity in the occupation “government”,

any blood lusting dancing in joy at bashing babies brains out against rocks soul-less animal POS which served in the IDF

must be given Fair Common Law Trials and Fair hangings.

The run of the mill psychopaths and criminally insane mass murdering red Russian “IsraHELL citizens” and Rabid skunk red Russian “settlers” should be sent to live at Putin’s house.

He seems to love them.

The Ole Dog!


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